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  • Name of the Society:The name of the society will be Kirorimal (K.M.) College of Education (Governing Body), Bhiwani.
  • Location of registered Office:The registered office of the society will be situated at the premises of K.M. College of Education at Bhiwani.
  • Aims and objectives of the Society:
  • To promote and work for the spread of Education at Kirorimal (K.M.) College of Education Bhiwani.
  • To work for upliftment of academic, moral, mental and physical welfare of students of K.M. College of Education and / or alike institutions.
  • To look after maintenance and upkeep of college building, playgrounds etc. which are or which may come under the control of the society.
  • To arrange for safeguard and security of all the moveable and immoveable properties belonging to the institution and / or under the management of the society
  • To carry on smooth and efficient administration of the institution under its control and management.
  • To employ and / or to remove any staff or employee of Kirorimal (K.M.) College of Education or of any other institution which may come under the control of the society.
  • To act for welfare of the students and to promote extra curricular activities among students.
  • To work for welfare of staff members including teaching staff of the institution.
  • To promote and guide any other educational activity or programme aimed at imparting vocational and / or other training under the institution or in co-operation with central / state govt. or any other recognized agency and for that purpose receive or pay grant, assistance or donations.
  • To collaborate in management of any other institution established by Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust and make available and / or receive any assets or cash or in kind as may be found necessary.
  • To invest and arrange for safe custody of funds and / or valuables coming in the hands of the Society.
  • To acquire land or property by purchase or otherwise, to develop and construct any building for the use of the institution, to develop surplus land for construction of any complex and to give it on rent and for that purpose execute any document, and / or submit plans to secure necessary sanction. Provided always that any income derived from such investment and / or development shall be solely applied to meet the deficit of the institution and for development of the campus.
  • That financial commitments, investment operation and / or disbursement of surplus funds in hand shall be under joint control of members nominated by Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust and ex-officio secretary for the time being of the society.
  • That decision to take over or associate with any other institution shall be worked upon and implemented only after securing specific consent of Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust.
  • That in matters of realization of rent or any other matter involving the immovable assets, Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust shall be the ultimate land owner. The Society shall enjoy the rights of administration and realization of rents damages, mesne profit as the case may be provided further that any act of omission or commission by the Society shall not be binding on Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust.
  • To do and cause to be done any act to achieve all or any of the objects hereinbefore executed:
  • That if any activity or object of the Trust as set out in Para 3 is found to be outside the scope of solely educational purpose, it should be deemed as on est and shall be deemed to be excluded from the objects of the society.
  • The society can sue and can be sued in a court of law through its ex-officio secretary for the time being.
  • That the income and property of the society shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the society as set forth in the memorandum of association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to the members of the society.
  • That no member of the society shall be appointed to a salaried post of the society, or any office of profit of the society and that no remuneration or fees shall be paid by the society to any member of Governing Body, except expenses incurred in due course and on behalf of the society or interest for money lent or rent for a premises that may be demised to the society. The ex-officio members will be entitled to receive their remuneration under the status for the time being in force.
  • That the income or surplus, if any shall be applied only towards the promotion of the objects of the society.
  • That in case of winding up or dissolution of the society, if after satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever is left in hands of the society, it shall not be distributed among the members of the society, but institutions having objects similar to the objects of the society at the instance of and /or with the consent in writing of the History trust namely Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust or handed over to Seth Kirorimal Charity Trust itself, if it so desires.
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